Development Services

Everybody likes to feel special. If you desire an elevated experience and next-level attention to help bring your business to Camarillo, our customized Concierge Services are for you. Take a closer look at how we go the extra mile for you.

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Welcome to Camarillo

If you’re new to Camarillo, welcome. Our team can help you with location searches, zoning questions, planning, business taxes, and more. Plus, we can connect you with resources that can advise and assist with almost any challenges you are facing.

Development Services

We’ll meet you where you are at, no matter if you’re evaluating a concept or ready to make an official submittal for project entitlement.

1. Concept

No-Cost Review by our Get to Yes Consultation Team

2. Pre-Application

No-Cost Review of more established plans by all departments, including external agencies.

3. Development Application (Entitlement)

Official submittal, includes review of plans by all departments, including external agencies. 

4. Public Works Permits

Engineers and technicians review plans to ensure developments are consistent with city standards and master plans.

5. Building Permits

Building permits are reviewed quickly; when approved a certificate of occupancy is issued

6. Business Licenses

Businesses in the building can apply for business tax certificate to operate in the City.

Larger projects may require general plan amendments, zoning map amendments, specific plans, zoning text amendments, or other components. Our team is happy to discuss any of these options with you prior to submittal.

All-Access Discovery

Camarillo subscribes to premium online services, like CoStar for commercial real estate information, and to understand foot traffic at retail locations. These tools can provide incredible insight into determining the right location for your company. If you’re interested in a site, let us know and we’ll be happy to provide you with relevant information.

In addition, Camarillo’s library’s endowment-funded Business Collection can support your business development with access to online research tools including LinkedIn Learning, Mergent Intellect, Gale Business Demographics Now, and Data Axle reference solutions. Just stop by the library for a no-cost library card and gain access to these tools and more.

Concierge Services

The City of Camarillo’s Get To Yes consultation team consists of staff from Economic Development, Community Development, Public Works, and Building and Safety Departments. This team meets with business owners, developers, or property owners, to go over a proposed concept for a location. Interested parties quickly receive a high-level and full-spectrum analysis of a potential project or business idea. Standing meetings are on the calendar for Tuesdays at 10 am and 11 am, so any idea can typically be discussed within a week. Schedule your consultation meeting today!

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Our personal consultation will help you determine whether Camarillo is right for your business venture.