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Life science is a term that describes multiple industries, including biotechnology research, biotechnology product manufacturing and pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as auxiliary industries that are critical to the growth of businesses, like laboratory furniture, scientific equipment, and filtration device manufacturing. New technology develops quickly in the life science industry, which in turn can drive incredible growth, particularly as it relates to biotechnology.

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Camarillo is ideally located in the center of a robust talent pool, being able to recruit both manufacturing talent and research and management expertise from the greater Los Angeles region. Many life science businesses find Camarillo to be a central location for employees, with affordable commercial properties and housing that ranges from workforce to executive.

Camarillo Welcomes Life Science

In May 2023, the Camarillo City Council adopted a zoning ordinance text amendment to make the City even more friendly to life sciences and technology companies.

The municipal code now expressly allows for life science and advanced technology as permitted uses in our industrial and office zones. Other changes included several favorable abatements on factors like building height, noise, parking, and more.

With wet lab vacancies in Los Angeles next to zero, bioscience companies are pushing up into east Ventura County. In Thousand Oaks, Amgen is a well-known anchor for life science and pharmaceutical development, anchoring a growing biosciences corridor along the 101 freeway from Camarillo to Los Angeles.

Adjacent to Thousand Oaks, Camarillo is welcoming and ready for life science companies, offering benefits such as:

  • Proximity to Amgen and life sciences activity in Thousand Oaks
  • Local government's willingness to support life sciences business development
  • Lower cost real estate opportunities than in neighboring cities
  • Availability of land zoned for R&D and ready to be developed
  • Proximity to manufacturing workforce and executive housing

Local firms leverage universities on the outskirts of the region for tech transfer and skilled talent, including University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and Caltech.

However, Ventura County offers a number of educational opportunities for people seeking a career in the life science industry, including:

  • Master of Science in Biotechnology & Bioinformatics (California State University, Channel Islands)
  • Bachelor in Science in Biomanufacturing Degree (Fall 2024, Moorpark College)
  • Associate in Science in Biotechnology (Moorpark College)
  • Biotechnology Certificate of Achievement (Moorpark College)
  • Biomedical Device Manufacturing Certificate of Achievement (Moorpark College)
  • Biotechnology Manufacturing Operator Certificate of Achievement (Moorpark College)

Currently, Camarillo’s largest life science companies are in the auxiliary industries, which support the growth of life science companies across the globe. But given our space, talent, investment, and the City’s willingness to support local development, Camarillo is an ideal choice for life science companies operating in any industry.

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Life Sciences Companies in Camarillo

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Build your Business in Camarillo

If you’re ready to join Camarillo’s life science community, we’re ready to help. Along with federal-level incentives, companies coming to Camarillo can take advantage of the local City of Camarillo Business Loan Fund, the state-sponsored California Competes Tax Credit, and countless other resources.

BioScience Alliance

Camarillo is a proud sponsor of the BioScience Alliance, a regional alliance of the life science industry, regional education, and government institutions. Learn more about networking in our life science community here.

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