Zoning Ordinance Amendment Supports Life Science and Technology

Life sciences technicians analyze scans in a research facility

The City Council approved an amendment to the Camarillo Municipal Code Chapters 10.34, 19.04, 19.22, 19.28, 19.30, and 19.44, for life science and advanced technology industries. The zoning ordinance amendment (ZOA) expressly allows for advanced technology and life science companies greater flexibility to set up shop in Camarillo’s L-M, M-1, and P-O zones.

Some notable modifications introduced in the ZOA include:

  • Excluding rooftop equipment and parapet screening from building height calculations.
  • Removes requirement for conditional use permits for building heights up to 35 feet to accommodate floor-to-floor ratios required for life science buildings.
  • Standby power generators located in parking lots are excluded from noise ordinances during emergencies, maintenance, and testing.
  • Introduces new parking category for advanced technology and life science research and development: that includes one space per 500 square feet, so long as a researcher uses both an office and a lab and divides their time between the two. It also excludes common areas from parking calculations.

These changes effectively make Camarillo a more attractive place for advanced technology, life science, research and development businesses to locate.

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